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Emailname Full Package Details

Personalised Email addresses - full detail

  • Package prices
    New domains
    (,,, .com, .info, .biz, .name)
    New domains. Single email address. 24.48 / year
    New domains
    (,,, .com, .info, .biz, .name)
    New domains. Up to 6 email addresses. 32.40 / year
  • You choose the email address

    Our aim is to offer fully personal email addresses. Of course we have some domain names already pre-registered in order to offer our special offer entry level prices, however unlike many of our rivals we also offer you the opportunity to create email addresses in brand new domain names.

    We register these for you at no extra cost, or if you prefer we register them in your name, and allow you to create multiple email addresses within the same domain. So you can setup a group of addresses for your family or small business, all for the single low annual fee.

  • Fully featured POP3 / IMAP / SMTP

    Our mail servers are fully feautured, and give you access to your email in a variety of different ways. You can use our servers with Outlook, Outlook express, or your own preferred email program. This can be on a POP3 basis (email is downloaded to your PC) or an IMAP basis (email is still viewed through your mail program but remains on the server so that it can be accessed worldwide)

    You may also wish to use our webmail, to access your email from anywhere in the world. Just login from the link on our home page.

    Many companies offering email addresses allow you to receive mail only. They expect you to continue to use your dialup or broadband supplier for outgoing mail. This not only makes it more difficult to configure your mail program properly, but also means that you continue to send using a non personalised email address. We offer a full send and receive service through our web servers. There is no need to use your dialup/broadband suppliers email servers any more, ensuring that your new personalised address is used all the time.

  • Spam filter

    EmailName uses SpamAssassin for email filtering on all accounts. SpamAssassin uses a large variety of tests to determine the likelihood than an email is spam (unsolicited, undesirable, or offensive) and deletes those emails that it is confident are spam. No email filter can ever be certain of removing ALL unsolicited email, but we have found SpamAssassin to be excellent at removing the vast majority of all spam, without deleting any non-spam.

  • Simple setup

    Our simple step by step instructions for Outlook and Outlook Express mean it could not be simpler to setup your PC to use your new mail account. In addition we have provided detailed instructions for logging in to our webmail service. Finally, we also supply the basic login details you need if you intend to use a different mail client.

  • Never have to change your email address again.

    No matter which package you choose, your email address is safe and secure from all changes so long as you continue to pay the fee just once a year. This means that you need never change your email address again. It also means you can switch your dialup or broadband supply as often as you like to seek out the best deals, because your email address will not change, no matter who you use as your broadband supplier.

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