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Emailname Help

Help setting up your email account

  • Help with setting up your mail client program (eg outlook, windows mail) or your smart phone to use your new email account.
    All mail clients will require the same information, but some will ask in different ways.
    • Mail server :
    • Username : your email address, but change the '@' to a '+'
    • Password : as supplied to you with your order confirmation details
    • Outgoing mail server requires authentication : Yes - tick this box. Sometimes referred to as requires sign-in (eg Android devices)
  • For step by step instructions to setup your new email account for use, please select the method you are most familiar with from the list below.

Help accessing your email from any device using a web browser

  • A step by step guide with photos for Using Webmail to access your new email account.

Diagnosing common problems using email.

  • Unknown error while sending an email. (error number 0x800CCC0B)
    Unkown error.
    Receiving email messages works, but a problem occurs when sending a message. This error is usually caused by your mail program (eg outlook, outlook express or similar) not sending your login details to the mail server along with your email. You must ensure that the "my server requires authentication" box is ticked. See the help section for your mail program for details of how to set this up.
  • Callback Verification error while sending an email.
    The exact text of this error message will vary, but if it mentions "callback verification" it is caused by sending an email with the "FROM" address set to an address that is not responding to verification attempts. Please reset your From address to your own email address as described in the Help section for your mail program.
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