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Personalised Email addresses

Have you got a problem email address?

  • Have you got a hard to remember email address -
  • Do you feel tied to your dialup or broadband supplier because your email address was supplied by them?
  • Do you want a truly personal email address?

We have the answer :- FREE trial period (click HERE for full price list).

  • You choose your OWN personal email address, we provide the email account(s).
  • Multiple addresses within the same domain for families and small businesses.
  • Reliable Fully featured email accounts (send AND receive).
  • Spam filter to prevent most undesirable & unsolicited email.
  • Simple setup with step by step instructions. Webmail or mail clients (eg Outlook).
  • Never change your email address again, you can shop around for the best deal on dialup or broadband, using your new address with ANY supplier.

You are just a click away. Start by using the 'check address' button to the right.


Access email from any internet connected device, anywhere in the world.

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